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1 0 5 學 年 度 第 2 學 期 博 士 班 資 格 考 試 公 告
Academic year 1 0 5, The second semester Qualifying Examination

The schedule of the Qualifying Exam. is following.
Qualifying Examination Date
Date: 2017/06/25 Sunday
Examination time is from 0840 a.m. to 1120 a.m.
Exam Location:4F Room 403, Electronics Department
Time:The first Subject 0840~0950
     The Second Subject 1010~1120
The Rule for Semiconductor Manufacturing is “90min. Close Book”
The Rule for Quantitative Research Methods is “100min. Open books”
The Rule for International Business Theory is “100min. Open books”

The first Subject
1. Subject :Engineering Mathematics  0840~0950 Close Book
    Student ID:1104405103 ; 1104405105 ; 1104405125
2. Subject :Introduction to Computer  0840~0950 Close Book
    Student ID:1103405105(Withdrawal)
3. Subject :Medical Ionizing Radiation Protection  0840~0950 Close Book
    Student ID:1105405103
4. Subject :Quantitative Research Methods  08:10~09:50 OPEN BOOK
    Student ID:1104405125

The Second Subject
1. Subject :Semiconductor Manufacturing 10:10~11:40 Close Book
    Student ID:1105405107 ; 1105405109
2. Subject :International Business Theory 10:10~11:50 OPEN BOOK
    Student ID:1102405116
3. Subject :Digital Image Processing  1010~1120 Close Book
    Student ID:1103405111


資格考試以筆試方式進行,各科考試成績以ㄧ百分為滿分, 七十分以上(含)為及格。不及格科目得申請重考,重考時得變更選考科目。


電子工程系 (系主任)辦公室  2017/06/13