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The schedule of the Qualifying Exam.For Academic year 1 1 1, Spring Semester

Academic year 1 1 1, The schedule of the second semester Qualifying Examination

The schedule of the Qualifying Exam. is following.

Qualifying Examination Date
Date: 2023/06/25 Sunday

Please sent your application before 2023/05/31.

Examination time is from 0820 a.m. to 1230 a.m.

Exam Location:8F Room 807, Electronics Department

Time:The first Subject 0820~1000

The Second Subject 1020~1200

Rule: Close Book, 100 min

PS:Don’t forget that you just have 3 times to apply the same subject,
if you can’t make sure that you can pass the exam, you can withdrawal
the application before 2023/06/09


The First Subject

1. Subject :Algorithm
Student ID:1106405101 , I107152106
2. Subject :Linear Algebra
Student ID:I111152110
3. Subject :Electronics Application and Introduction of Biomedical Engineering
Student ID:I111152103
4. Subject :Database System
Student ID:I111152111
5. Subject :Discrete Mathematics
Student ID:I111152108


The Second Subject

1. Subject :Digital Image Processing
Student ID:I107152106
2. Subject :
Student ID:
3. Subject :
Student ID:

資格考試以筆試方式進行,各科考試成績以ㄧ百分為滿分, 七十分以上(含)為及格。不及格科目得申請重考,重考時得變更選考科目。

建工電子工程系 (系主任)辦公室 2023/06/15