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國立高雄應用科技大學 電子工程系~博士班資格考~

電子組博士班資格考參考書籍與範圍  版本 103.07.31.

科目名稱 書籍名稱 範圍 備註
電子元件物理 Physics   of Semiconductor Devices
作者:Simon M. Sze, and Kwok, K. Ng
光電子學 Optical   Properties of Solids
作者:Mark Fox
Microelectronics,   Circuit Analysis and Design
作者:Donald A. Neamen
Microelectronic   Circuits
作者:Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth C. Smith
Fundamentals   of Microelectronics
作者:Behzad Razavi
工程數學 Advanced   Engineering Mathematics
作者:Erwin Kreyszig
Order   Differential Equations, Laplace
Transform, Fourier Analysis,
Partial Differential Equations, Linear
algebra, Vector Calculus
Advanced   Engineering Mathematics
作者:P. V. O’Neil


國立高雄應用科技大學 電子工程系~博士班資格考~

電信與系統組博士班資格考參考書籍與範圍  版本 103.07.31.

科目名稱 書籍名稱 範圍 備註
工程數學 Advanced   Engineering Mathematics,

8th   Ed.
作者:Erwin Kreyszig
出版商:John Wiley & Sons

Order   Differential Equations
Laplace Transform.
Fourier Analysis
Partial Differential Equations
Linear algebra
Vector Calculus
數位訊號處理 Signals   and Systems, 2nd Ed.
作者:Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan
S. Willsky, with S. Hamid Nawab
ISBN 0-13-814757-4
通訊原理 Communication   systems, 4th Ed.
作者:Simon Haykin, and Barry
Van Veen
出版商:John Wiley & Sons
  Transforms   theorem, Amplitude
modulation, Linear modulation schemes,
Frequency translation,
Frequency-division multiplexing, Angle
modulation, Random and stationary
processes, Transmission of a random
process through a LTI filter, Noise.
電磁理論 Field   and Wave Electromagnetics, 2nd Ed.
作者:David K. Cheng
出版商:Addison Wesley
  1. Static Electric Fields
2. Static Magnetic Fields
3. Time Varying Fields, and Maxwell’s
4. Plane Electromagnetic Waves
5. Electromagnetic Waves along
Transmission Lines and Waveguides
6. Circuit Theory for Transmission Lines
應用物理 1.Applied   Physics (10th Edition)
Dale Ewen, Neill Schurter and

Erik Gundersen
2.The Physics of Radiation Therapy
Faiz M. Khan

Whole   chapters
電腦通信網路 Computer   Networds 5th Ed
Andrew S. Tanenbaum, David J. Wetherall
Chap1   ~ Chap 4
模糊理論應用 Fuzzy   Logic with Engineering Applications
Timoth J. Ross
Chap1   ~ Chap 6
1.Medical Instrumentation   Application and Design, Fourth Edition

作者: John G. Webster, Editor,
出版商: Wiley

2.Introduction   to Biomedical Engineering,

3nd Ed.
作者: Enderle and Bronzino

Whole   chapters



國立高雄應用科技大學 電子工程系~博士班資格考~

資訊組博士班資格考參考書籍與範圍  版本 103.07.31.

科目名稱 書籍名稱 範圍 備註
資料結構 “Fundamentals   of Data Structuresin C”, 2nd Edition,
Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, and Susan Anderson-Freed
  Chap.   1: Basic Concepts
Chap. 2: Arrays and Structures
Chap. 3: Stacks and Queues
Chap. 4: Linked Lists
Chap. 5: Trees
Chap. 6: Graphs
Chap. 7: Sorting
Chap. 8: Hashing
Chap. 9: Priority Queues
Chap. 10: Efficient Binary Search Trees
Chap. 11: Multiway Search Trees
Chap. 12: Digital Search Structures
計算機結構 Computer   Organization and Design –
The Hardware/Software Interface 4/e,2008
David A. Patterson, John L. Hennessy
  Computer   Abstractions and Technology;
Instructions: Language of the Computer;
Arithmetic for Computers;
Assessing and Understanding
The Processor;
Enhancing Performance with Pipelining;
Large and Fast Exploiting Memory
Storage, Networks and Other Peripherals;
Multiprocessors and Clusters;
Mapping Control to Hardware;
A Survey of RISC ARchitectures for
Desktop, SErver, and Embedded
VLSI設計 CMOS   VLSI Design: A Circuits
and Systems Perspective, 3rd Edition
作者:Neil H.E. Weste and David Harris
演算法 Introduction   to Algorithms (2nd ed).
作者:Thomas H. Cormen
Charles E. Leiserson
Ronald L. Rivest
Clifford Stein
Chap.   1 ~ Chap. 35
1.   Digital Image Processing, 3 ED, by

Rafael C. Gonzalez and   Richard E.

Wood, Prentice Hall Inc.   2009.
2. Digital Video Processing, by

A. Murat Tekalp, Prentice   Hall PTR.


Basic   Concepts of Digital Image Processing, Image Enhancement, Image Segmentation,   Image Transform, Color Image Processing, Basics of Video, Video Standard,   Block Motion, Motion Vector, Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation,   Optical-Flow, Basic Video Object Segmentation, Frame Difference, Background   Subtraction.